portrait of Érica Zíngano

Érica Zíngano

Érica Zíngano was born in 1980 in Fortaleza-Ceará, Brazil. She received a Master’s in Portuguese Literature at the Universidade de São Paulo in 2011, and then she moved to Europe, to Portugal, where she began a Ph.D in Literary Studies – Portuguese Studies at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Since 2014, she was living and working in Berlin as a poet and a language teacher, but in the beginning of 2019 she decided to move back to Brazil. Her work revolves around poetry and sometimes visual arts, and she has been exploring the enunciation of poems in performative actions. In 2013, hochroth Berlin published the two versions of her book Ich weiß nicht warum – Zeichnungen und Texte für Unica Zürn [I Don’t Know Why –Drawings and Texts for Unica Zürn], translated into German by Odile Kennel. In 2017 she published eine Sache für eine andere [A thing for another (and another one too)] by bulky news press, with Lotti Thießen, Nathalie Quintane, Marion Breton, Rob Packer, Odile Kennel, Mercedes M. and Marília Garcia. During 2018, Érica was one of the six foreign writers selected to receive the funding from the State of Berlin (Senate Department for Culture and Europe): “Arbeitsstipendien nichtdeutschsprachige Literatur”.

Poems by Érica Zíngano