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A Feather by Shakila Azizzada

Huerta’s poems frequently turn on images that are experiences in themselves. In this eerie piece, he describes a poem by Gottfried Benn. Translated by Tom Boll and Katherine Pierpoint.

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Haft Seen by Shakila Azizzada

This week, to celebrate Nowrus, our poem is ‘Haft Seen’ by Shakila Azizzada from Afghanistan. The poem is read first in English by Mimi Khalvati and then in Dari by Shakila Azizzada.

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Cat Lying in Wait by Shakila Azizzada

Listen to ‘Cat Lying in Wait’ by Shakila Azizzada from Afghanistan. The poem is read first in English translation by Mimi Khalvati and then in Dari by Shakila herself. #PoetryAndChill

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Yalda by Shakila Azizzada

Yalda is an Iranian celebration of the longest night of the year on the winter solstice on the 21st of December. Yalda is a loanword imported into Persian from Syriac originally meaning birth.

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