Desire Poems by Women Poets

Featuring: Shakila Azizzada, Maria Clara Sharupi Jua, Asha Lul Mohamud Yusuf, Fatena Al-Gharra, Sarah Maguire, Anna Murison, Zuzanna Olszewska, Mimi Khalvati, Clare Pollard, Said Jama Hussein, Nataly Kelly, The Poetry Translation Workshop

Right now in April 2022 the PTC has just released our latest World Poets Series Book ‘To Love a Woman’ by Argentinian poet Diana Bellessi, translated by Leo Boix. So this week we are taking a little thematic inspiration and playing you four poems about desire written by female poets.

You will hear 'Make Me Drunk with Your Kisses' by Maria Clara Sharupi Jua from Equador, translated from Shuar by Nataly Kelly and The Poetry Translation Workshop, 'Cat Lying in Wait' written in Dari by Shakila Azizzada from Afghanistan and translated by Zuzanna Olszewska with the poet Mimi Khalvati, 'The Lost Button' by Fatena Al-Gharra from Palastine, translated from the Arabic by Anna Murison and Sarah Maguire and 'Taste' by Ash Lul Mounamd Yusif translated by Said Jama Hussein with Claire Pollard. Remember to do as the Somali women would at the live readings and chant along to the repeating lines.

Say it- "If he's not to your taste, he's just a blocked path!"