Hope is Lonely

Though others say ‘despair is lonely’,
hope is even lonelier to me.
Shall I say that despair is peaceful as gravity?
Until the time the pig becomes pork
all it has to do is sink into
its pooling blood, drained of all strength
the pink head still smiles doesn’t it? In despair
sorrow has that sort of warmth.
Hope at times offers first aid but
sometimes there are people who don’t want hope’s first aid,
could be.
While saying that despair offers more comfort,
pursuing one ray of sunlight trembling in the breeze,
coming from afar to get medicine.
Your sickness having grown deeper,
you already trust it will not work.
Hope’s totem pole is a cactus…
Even on that night when all the words from the dictionary flew away,
even at that moment like blue lightning,
after taking off shoes side-by-side, standing quietly by a chair,
again the word hope barely remained
but because of that word hope, all cannot be discarded.
The word hope prevents the completion of the world’s ruins.
Asking why not let the ruins continue
while beating our breasts -
rather because of that hope
times are fearfully lonely.
Hope’s totem pole is a cactus,
it’s a command to love so fully blood keeps pouring out.
Even though it wants to quit, to run away,
sunlight pointlessly shares itself, what a waste,
like blood spreading in water…
hope and I,
hope is a life sentence,
hope is lonely.