Let’s Unite

In this beautiful world
in this one world
we are separated
we are isolated
like the fingers of the hand
like the rays of the sun
the soil beneath our feet
is the same soil
we are separated
like black pebbles
like yellow leaves
we don’t share a common culture
we don’t share a common religion
let alone a common tongue
or even a common literature
it was an undivided world
but we drew lines on it
beauty, beauty all around
but we scarred it
we measured it
we scaled it with yards and half yards
we spilt it
we sliced it
some was seized by Hindustan
some was seized by Pakistan
some was captured by Russia and China
some was captured for race and religion
some was colonised by America
some was colonised by Africa
some people from the South
shaped Australia
some people from the North
shaped Britain
in short, time divided
this world into seven
some said it was divided by culture
some said it was divided by water
by God, I don’t know
who divided it
but people like me and you
divided it
we drew lines on it
first hearts were separated
then tongues were separated
then nations were segregated
we used to live together
then partitioned our homes
may God have mercy on us –
what will we partition next?
will we separate soul from body?
will we separate hand from body?
will we separate sense from senses?
before our body parts are scattered
and our heartbeats separated
like this world
like this beauty
like this splendour
oh lonely friends
oh isolated friends
of this vast world
let’s agree with one another
let’s become one
like bees and honey
embrace the world
accept one culture
accept one religion
accept one language
accept one literature
let’s unite
end the division in the world
like the Berlin Wall
between you and me