Love Doesn’t Dissipate

Love doesn’t dissipate,
Did I ingested by swallowing it?
Taking me up to the sky
Through the dust storm
And did say to me: “keep afloat!”

Did it flatter me with an unrealistic hope?
Being awake but mentally distracted
And did it made me not able to sleep?

Love doesn’t dissipate,
Did it easily found me?
Denying me access to food
Fastened me tightly with a belt,
Did it lift me up into the gathering clouds?

Not able to find someone who could treat medically
Did it spellbind me this morning?
Did it bring me to my knees?

Love doesn’t dissipate,
Did it inflict me uproar?
Did it form narrow passages?
Through the lungs and the ribs
Spreading into the blood vessels?

And the tendon and the bones
Did it strike the heart?
Did it hang very dangerous place?

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Mohamud Issa Farah

maasha alah. walee soomaali gabayga hibaa loo siiyay

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