Mayhem: The Invasion of Gaza

My mind hurts
My morale too
My mind and body
Made mad
The current crisis
The murder
Bodies dumped
On the streets of Gaza
Al-Aqsa Mosque
The Holy Land
Morning and night
The most moral
Among us
Slain like lambs
In the open
Marking this
I am mortally marked
Muslims blossom
The world over
And yet
What can I say
They could not seem
More hopeless
Amusing themselves
In coffee shops
And bar rooms
Occupied by music
Marking this
I am also marked
Shame on those
Arab leaders’ names
While we live
Without the milk
Of Maandeeq
Stolen from
Amid fires
Family dead or
Al-Aqsa shrine
Under siege
Every mother’s son
Mataan and Mohamed
Marking this
Should be marked
Those whose shame
Is manifest
Cannot claim
Or say no
Though they still
Clap their hands
At those who
Trample on them
Marking this
I am marked again
You Muxsin
Maker of metre
Fitter of forms
Who took the lead
Help me fulfil
My lyric mission
My brother Mustafa
Your manner firm
Your word well-mustered
Whose wisdom
The Dervish verses
Your mind having
Mastered our craft
Help me complete
This verse
Almighty it is you
Between oppressor
And oppressed
Who draws divine
I implore you
Admit this prayer
Made solemnly
Palms open