Separate Beings

This spirit which is howling,
hovering around you,
is ensnared by the heart.
These limbs seek you,
these eyes search for you,
yearn for sight of you.
The heart is sowing
seeds of passion,
planting them in each cell.
Though you are making it wary
or finding fault,
this spirit has cast off choice,
couldn’t live without you.
I am not putting hope aside,
your gloating is a raised stick,
I’m not learning my lesson,
you show no mercy,
I cannot be silent,
you’ve withheld kind words,
I brought you flowers,
you handed me the thorns.
Are you God’s only creation?
Are you alone good?
Are you the most profound?
Most charismatic and respected
with beauty beyond your peers?
Or is it my gestures,
my welcome, my greeting,
the lines of my praise
and my longing?
All I took to the urur constellation
and made out of you beamed light.
I haven’t done you an injustice,
haven’t turned away from your equals,
haven’t turned my back on you.
If I hadn’t offered you my soul,
hadn’t thirsted for you,
hadn’t shed tears for you,
hadn’t poured my heart out for you,
hadn’t composed these kind words for you,
hadn’t shown you respect
you would have wept for me.
What humanity possesses
it neither sees nor values,
neither knows nor elevates