Spell for September

Green fire, fog in the air
In an hour, a half-hour, let it disperse like the fog,
let it fly off like a butterfly.Tzotzil prayer to cure epilepsy
Let the hand open to the mirror world of dreams
Let the eye shut on the clenched bunch of nerves
Let the back unwind in lucid repose
Let the mouth widen under night's electric charge
Let the neck relax in the flower of sleep
Let the nostrils flare to the white scent of day
Let the leg stretch from the journey's magnetic force
Let the pubis ignite in the velvet embrace
Let the hip curve in the breeze's grace
Let the ear awaken at the ringing call
Let the hair spread from the skull's wall
Let the chest be lit within the splintered cry
Let the shoulder sleep before the falcon's flight
Let the foot lose its way in the sorcery of time
Let the throat darken with the syllable of space