The Wind of Time

On a small hill
One day I stood.
I looked down at the lake, the day
of storms. At that point/then I saw the waves
Raising and lowering. Expanding,
Rotating, colliding and bringing about foam
Like mad bulls in a valley without grass.
How they got in order!
How they weakened and started again!
Never have I seen before.
I saw them lowering intensely
And raising in a hurry, pushed by
The winds from the West and East.
Exactly like this is our world.
And the life of human beings.
They raise and lower
Pushed by the winds of time.
Look how they snatch power for themselves
Like a drowning man grips the leg of his friend!
How they grip money like a child
Grips the picture of a doll
Or a soldier grips his rifle
And silences us!
They will raise and lower
And really fall!
Pushed by the wind of time.

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joshua paul

the poem fs about what


Please tell me in what sense this is a political allegory!

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