You Deserted Me in Rohi

What kind of love was that when you deserted me in Rohi?
My love, your promises!

You left and gave me loneliness
Who can I rely on now?

You never took me with you, you deserted me in Rohi

Leaving me behind, you went on your way
Everyone is mocking me

For months you made me promises, then you deserted me
           in Rohi

He left me and I lost my mind
Please someone, go and find my love!

You take too long - and I am lost in Rohi

You gave me loneliness and went away
You should have said what I did wrong

You left me in agony and I am lost in Rohi
Well done! And you never even thought of me

You turned your back when you deserted me in Rohi

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Comments (2)

Touseef ur Rehman

An Amazing poet,,,,,, i personally love and enjoy while reading his masterpieces,,,

the Rhythm what he carries during his poetry you will feel that you are flying with his words,,,,,,

Indeed the great poet from siraiki belt of south Punjab.

Kali Abyss

This poem is awsome

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