‘this morning’

this morning
went out to buy bread
any coincidence
is pure coincidence
but there is no coincidence
we all know
there might be a conspiracy
framing twittering
teetering or even the pregnant
woman of taubaté pregnant
by varginha’s spacemxn
bae pls #elenão innit
yet a real
one of those that leaves
us like this
blown away
hair standing on end
I really doubt it
in this case
because the Cunt! is red
I mean
because the Cunt! is written
in such red letters
does it mean that
she is a communist cunt?
or a gayzista cunt?
is she a worker cunt?
from the workers party?
or is she from that demonic cult?
the MTST? or the MST?
is she a cuban cunt?
or venezuelan?
is she an american cunt?
or a martian cunt?
is she really a cunt?
a bona fide cunt?
or is she one of those
we only see on tv?
is she for sale along the 25?
can I pay by card?
because she is red
does that mean
she is on her period
or is she a coapted cunt?
is she a bradesco cunt?
or a santander?
is she still a public cunt?
or has she too been privatised?
is she a committed cunt?
or is she a cunt for sale?
has she given up yet?
or is she married to the cause?
is she in the armed struggle?
or in the armed forces?
is she the total neo-liberal type?
or is she a prudish cunt?
is she a fascist cunt?
or is she one of those fashionistas?
is she the free-living type?
or does she play hard to get?
like the track and field type
pole-vaulting hurdles
barricade and fuck knows what else?
what is a cunt anyway?
what is she even for?
can you explain it better?
what are you afraid of?
is she for looking at or eating?