From 'i-juca piranha'

Piranha (etym. – biting fish) (n.) – PIRANHA,
compare prãîa (v.) (Lisbon, Hist.
of Anim. and Tr. of Maranhão. f. 173)
PIRANHA, sisoures, fish with very sharp
PIR-ANHA. Ichthyology: piranha, fish of the
family Characidae, genus Pygocentrus.
= pir-ãia. Noun (sharp-toothed fish,
by analogy) + scissors
i remember a teacher i once had
ticiana melo a french teacher
everyone loved her
many years ago this
when we were on a placement
me and mirna juliana
my placement partner
or maybe it was a different subject
before the placement
when we were about to
start teaching french
as a foreign language
to be certified to teach french
as a foreign language
– one of the aspects of my education
in letters that i have fortunately set aside –
i remember her saying that […]