Did You Hear It Too?

All night long your restlessness
walked the wet streets of Lisbon,
A silent moan
woke me at daybreak.
A bird
was singing in the dawn:
something had woken it up too.

All night long your restlessness,
unable to sleep, walked and peered
with eyes closed
inside me.
A sound broke in the ocean's sigh
amidst the rising waves.
Turning over in the sheets' folds,
did you hear the bird too?


6.4.2002 Sesimbra, Portugal
From Patthar Ho Jaayegii Nadii, Stone-River


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Shubham rana

Thank you Bhai for your poem. 


awesome poem its like real life 


I want d translation in hindi!
PTC Response: The Hindi version can be found here

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