A word to the wealthy

Come clothed in ears, hear what I have to say
Poetry’s songs are quickening inside me
I pick them up where I left off
Wisdom’s songs are still within
 My mouth is filled with songs, songs of wealth
No hurly burly here, only songs of wealth No matter how rich the richest are, I tell you
They can not close their eyes in sleep
They spend their days chasing money
The daily hustle makes them toss and turn
Too busy to sleep at night
Too busy to sleep in the day Deep-drooling sleep is the lot of the poor
How can it be that those who gain success
Reap no benefit of sleep?
You make it in life and all you chase is death
Buying peace of mind, you’re on the prowl for trouble In fairness, they say, the earner is never broke
The earner always has money in their pocket
Money doesn’t wait around for the idle
But surely money should earn you a little break
Why why why chase money to become its slave
And dress our bodies in strife   Out before the sun not back before midnight
Gone again by dawn 
On the hustle every waking minute Help me tell the rich folk 
To stop poking fingers in Death’s eyes
A little work, a little rest, is the best way Tell the wealthy to make room for rest 
Gain silver hair before their time is up 
The one who doesn’t stop, dies young  We came into the world with nothing
Leave with nothing in our hands
Let us stop living a life of haste