Coyote’s love poems for Roadrunner

I dream of Roadrunner all the time
and in the mornings
it’s the beep-beep of the alarm clock
that reminds me of him.
With my bulging eyes
and body braced
for the endless descent into the void
I reclaim my name: Hunter.
All I ask is for
The chance to speak to him.
For him to let me explain
how strong this love is.
Just one moment for me.
And when he says beep-beep
to feel he’s not mocking me.
Tomorrow is a big
birthday for me.
My only wish is to wake up
to find I’m the Roadrunner.
I want to see me
like he does.
My friend Pablo
phoned me up.
He already knows
about my dark obsession
and he disapproves.
He brought me a photo album
of beautiful naked coyotées
which I leafed through politely,
feigning interest.
It made him feel better
and let me practise hiding this strange fascination,
this descent
into the impossible.