Forget About Love

Since the day Allah created the world
and held the sky up without pillars
and spread out the soil
and those gushing rivers and their banks
and enclosed the Earth with seas
and heavy mountains,
since the universe was created
there has been war and peace,
the rich and the poor,
and lovers in pairs.
It’s still the same as ever.
It’s still the same as it was.
You will receive
what is destined for you.
Love has no price.
On the day Allah created the world,
and created Adam
from the soil,
and created Eve
from Adam’s crooked rib,
were you alive?
Are you alive tonight too?
The mind cannot accept
words from a deceitful tongue.
Don’t hide behind the fog and dust.
Show me your true colours.
Don’t drag me into poverty
when you’re not ready for marriage.
I don’t want a hard life.
Forget about love.