He Tells Tales of Meroe

As if his croak sounds from stone itself
As if his voice in darkness is stained with the timbre of eternity 
When I first saw him alone, lost in thought,
poised behind glass,
I recalled how his sperm had once spawned from the suck of motherly mud
to snatch prey with spit
A camouflaged trickster,
awakening each spring with his mates
to a spring of mating
Now an enigmatic relic behind glass,
perhaps he tells tales of Meroe – 
witness to that city’s sad trajectory from glory to dejection
In this, his last siesta, 
he readies himself for life
with his new cloak, a new tongue and his crown
Picture of Limestone Frog
Figure of crouching frog, in a hard fossiliferous limestone. Perhaps
an image to ensure the fertility of the rains and the Nile flood.
500 bc–ad 100. uc43984