for Jeff
Do you know the lilac days?
Those daybreak hours when stories can exist
That twilight before the sun, which is not born and does not die
As though you were the only one in the world
As if time, just like that, was the lilac
balloon you were dwelling in
Love is like that
You tumbled into lilac days
His song flowed
– The singer lost to a river, way too young –
I made wine from the lilac tree
Put my heart in its recipe
Makes me see what I want to see
And be what I want to be
Lilac wine is sweet and heady, like my love
Lilac wine, I feel unsteady, like my love
You breathe lilac when you stand with love
your hair your eyes your touch is lilac
jasmine fulya hyacinth lilac
senses are lilac
Into amethyst
you have crystallised. Love is hollow, it runs
towards what you fear, stops time
You swim in a world without gravity
towards the magnet you are running from
When it all ends
– everything ends, do not fight it
it all comes to an end, eventually –
Your heart is purple at night, lilac in the morning
it will darken with every blow