Shoulder to Shoulder

The cold from Mount Kenya has come
The wind blows, cutting through the forests of Nyandarua
But I am a woman from the Krinyaga Mountains
                 I don't feel the cold
                 I don't feel anything
       exept from the sound of the earth
                                    our country
                                    softly weeping
At home...
                 flour waits to be ground
                 vegetables wait to be peeled
                 wood waits to be chopped
                 and the children
                                 the many children
                                               also wait for us
But like my husband I continue
                 to fight for my country
                 to regain my humanity
Sleep my child sleep
                             sleep well while you wait for me
When the moon rises
                             I will return, I'll protect and defend you
                  Above the mountain
                  the full moon gazes down on us
                  in sympathy
The road is too long
Time is too short
                  But like my husband I continue
                  shoulder to shoulder
                  to liberate humanity