The Burden of Life

The burden of life!
I loved bearing it, just like you,
hearing it grow inside me,
in living flesh.

I didn't only want
to open your wound,
I didn't only want
the patient vocation of a labourer:
I wanted the earth's vocation too,
which also is yours.

Treat love like a profession,
to be practised with great care.

Repeat to perfection
as often as necessary,
until it lasts
and everything inside
is in the right place.

Let the sun rise into the night.
Never let love become a leftover, a memory.

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sad but cool

Đào Công Bá Khâm


abu yamamahma

In the morning mist
Cold as ice came a thought
And I clinched my fist..
All the man dies but …
This early morning call…
A man said to died last night…
The man living by the grit..
Oh they will burry him and everyone will say
The burden of existence is over now and it’s the end of list…


An exquisite poem, absolutely beautiful

jessica white

i love this poem! Amazing and emotional, it’s  a really beautiful poem.

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