You Will Not Manage to Hurt Me

You will not manage to hurt me.
You will not break my existence.
The cathedral of light that you left me is immense,
warm and joyful.

You scented my existence for a long time.
You introduced me to paradise
with your lukewarm and naked body.
My hands still shake at the memory
of your fleshy ass.
My lips still tremble
when I remember the sweet taste of your nipples.

With these memories, how can I feel hurt?
Though you left me, how can I abhor you?
You left me with an ocean of dazzling fish,
an ocean of incessant fish.

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Comments (2)

Carolyn Studer

A wonderful poem. I’m glad I discovered your website. There is such loveliness here!

Isabel Morales de Cowell

Thank you for publishing this poem in Zapotec. Is there any way that you could add an audio version of it? I´d love to hear how Zapotec sounds. Thank you.
Thanks, Isabel. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ll be recording Victor reading his poems in Zapotec when he comes to the UK for our Mexican Poets’ Tour in April.
If you’d like to be informed when we release his podcast, please join our mailing list. To keep up-to-date with what we’re doing, you can also sign up to our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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