21. Sayeth the Voter

Why can’t we get by without the broken ballets      You ask          [ost-rak-ismos]
‘Cause  when you’ve spent your life watching from the cheap seats
You’ll take any chance to rewrite the lines for the lead 
‘Cause     Even their expulsions     executions      they who deign
to reign over the rest of us     are decided by the roll of a die
Besides     even if we realise we messed up      So what   
It’s not really our responsibility         ‘Cause like it or not   
We do what they tell us         each and every day
Just give us this much         and we’ll call it quits
History will be the  judge     or whatever it is they say (you might say)     so what    
For likes of us     when we’re dead we’ll dead and forgotten  
We won’t feel a thing    no pain     not even an itch