Dance Lessons (3/4 time)

Like an ice-sheet
in the Antarctic
broken, then joined,
go foot to foot
as if finding, or
at least as if searching.
Rule: lean against 
your own shoulders, and
hold your back straight,
lift your spine as if
about to go downhill.
Step: your arm on 
his shoulder, like 
a spear on the word,
his left arm around 
your waist like a bulb 
coming into flower.
Now a step towards
then a step away
and then, like water,
pour yourself out
before your thirsty partner.
Rule: look straight
into his eyes,
even if a gorgon 
is reflected there.
Adjust to his steps
as if to new shoes.
Step: as if the moon
exploded, and your 
feet were the pieces.
Spinning round the centre,
round your spinning head,
the dance encircles you 
like a lace train.
Make a new rhythm
with your pulse and his. 
That’s all. And now 
let’s take it from the top.
Play the music again!