In the Home of the Homeless

One window among many
reflects events    mirrors rubbish
a broken roof lashed to its frame
collapsing and crumbling as it struggles on
the crowded world of the homeless
the community of the world could offer
the edge appears    missing a family  nearly recovered
the house stays cold   alien   hardship returns
to have your roots yanked out from under your family tree
to wander through different times and places
strength ebbs away    destitution    charity
impressions blur    hardship approaches
one essence in submission   those people
one essence    many differences
fallen    absconded    overgrown    neglected    just 'a case'
the times shift and change    on the move
'refugees' through circumstance
pressure wears you down    constricts you
until aborted hope collides with strength
grit marks fade    never entirely
grimy windows in the heart of the city
exist    go    are   strange    lonely    distorted image
portrait    identity    'ghost'    living
twisted shadow    blamed
the house you can't find    can't return to
the hope that sustains    the dream that warms
under the flyover    pavement    have mercy
image fuses    eroding love
possessions gone    roads closed    promises broken
can't go forward    can't go back    trapped
public place packed with the poor
the centre cordoned off
'refugees' through circumstance
melt into disarray
Sanam Luang Park* trespassed    altered
expands into every corner of the city
look around aimlessly    against the world
instinctively connected    release
rubbish mounts    cast offs    abandoned
destitute    deprived    humiliated
looks unsettled like an unfinished house
dream no further than a home
a road    an alley    a side street    like a sign
nothing is what is seen
* Sanam Luang is a large public park in the centre of Bangkok that became 'home' to a large number of homeless people who were then 'cleansed' from the area.