Other People’s Hell, Other People’s Heaven

Other people's hell, other people's heaven
we pick up, like a spark
that fuses a deeply-held bond
all actions move each other
Perhaps everything we can see
looks like lives held back
only disconnected worlds are blocked
as though they lack strengthening bonds
Think   act   go on without feeling
cast an anchor deep in the flow
blood and flesh   the rhythm of the heart
whichever heart - one rhythm
One rhythm - taking many forms
creates the whole from each chamber
change  the crossroad offers a choice of journeys
reap a thousand heights or sink
Other people's hell or other people's heaven
we can't help but take in
whether they are repulsive
or glorious - truth
Today the world usually takes sides
seeks only the present
ignoring the future
continues to love or to hate
It is the hell or heaven of other people
we pick up that can be a spark
whether they are beautiful flowers, flowers in bloom
never choose the flames of war