Like Red-Hot Lava

The sun travelled from the East [1]
on its wings of wind
the seeds sprout
becoming words
to light up this day
my beloved
I want to bathe your soul
in the dew of my waters
an alphabet of vowels
where one enters and is never forgotten
I want to be the wind
to appease the raging waves of the sea
hands that caress the volcano
and douse the fire of your words
Poison to calm the wrath of Iwia [2]
the tears that fill your childlike eyes
revealing myself and erupting like red-hot lava
to roll like a stone turned to fire
into your salty arms
I want to be time stood still
to take a new path together
to be the hot spring
that quenches the thirst of your soul
that drinks in the secrets of Arutam [3]