Make Me Drunk with Your Kisses

Make me drunk with your kisses, my love
kiss my lips
untangle my hair with your silken fingers
explore with your hands the sacred song of the vanilla flower [1]
untie the makich anklet [2]
remove the shakap belt from my hips [3]
naked, I await you
Live in my home
take me with the tenderness of your words
burn my fears
with the fire of your skin
Trace my path
with the oars of your raft
come to the shores of the beach,
my harbour of sand
Make me drunk with your kisses
with the chicha [4]
fermented in saliva
with the wisdom of Arutam [5]
Don't go, my love
I want to wake
in your arms like cotton
to dive
into your depths
to fall asleep
in the jewel of your eyes