Message of a Martyr

Your pencil aimed such that the output was the hearth
            and in the earth among my concerns is the rising air 
Your pencil aimed, O jab [piqure], and not I
            from murder feigned, nor I a runaway
I, from my blood, my land greens and enlivens
            And a generation grows up familiar with the concern as a   
And grows arms from every shore
            grows worries and develops wings
They take out mortgages in order to remain in their home land
            In all quarters every direction it freezes
I am the earth my love where I used to stay
            Theres is nostalgia stuck to love eternal
I do not mind waking at dawn staggering
            I do not mind destroying the thundering

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Comments (5)


one of the most moving poems i’ve read in a long time. thanx!


This poem reflects the situation in Palestine right now


The same poem could easily have been written by an Israeli. Suffering by two peoples. Time for compassion - time to stop taking sides


Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clatriy, and undeniable importance!

sheikh Mohiuddin

this is real calling of an Kashmir Martyr

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