One Hand Isn’t Enough to Write With

One hand isn't enough to write with
These days
it takes two
And the second needs to quickly grasp
the craft of the unspeakable:
to embroider the name of a star
that will rise after the next apocalypse
to see the unbreakable thread among thousands
to weave from the fabric of passions       
swaddling bands, overcoats, winding cloths
to carve a beginning from a pile of waste
Two hands aren't enough to write
These days
with its grinding miseries
it would take three or four
for life to bother visiting
this wretched white wasteland

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olivia byard

Really painful and strong. Expresses the poet’s frustration and the sense of inadequacy we all feel in the face of such wrong when we well know what woud be right. Sometimes the pen does not feel mightier than the sword - especially the money-sword, and ideology-knife! Somtimes the pen feeels puny, and there is so much to write with it, rant and howl about, so little time!! We need armies of pens!!

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