The Contract

I propose
one of my nights and a day to be yours alone
I decided
to rein in my wandering mind
to numb the waves
to fill my home with your breath
I will close the doors and windows
seal all the gaps to keep out the wind
My lady
just for once
try this:
dedicate one day and a night to me
break with tradition
upset all the rules
Slip away from what surrounds you:
family and friends
the moon and stars
blue sky and clouds
the burdensome world
Slip away
without a glance at the clock
Set aside your daily rituals -
this old world won't turn upside down
Just once,
for one night and a day,
be that woman!
I'll be yours for one night and a day
And you alone will be mine for one night and a day
Helsinki 18/5/2000