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Jon Herring

Jon Herring

Jon Herring is a linguist and early career translator who lives in London. His undergraduate degree was in Spanish and French literature. As part of the Queer Digital Residency he translated Argentinian poet Osvaldo Bossi into English. Read the translations here.

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Paula Galindez

Paula Galindez

Paula Galindez is a poet, translator and translation professor born in Argentina. She has won several prizes, grants and scholarships. She translated Jackie Kay into Spanish as part of the PTC's Queer Digital Residency. Read Kay's poems in Spanish here.

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QDR Speakers

The residents took part in online training session with leading poets and translators, including Mary Jean Chan, a Hong Kong Chinese poet, lecturer, editor, critic and winner of the 2019 Costa Book Award for poetry; and Andrew McMillan, a poet and lecturer who won the Guardian First Book Award, the Fenton Aldeburgh First Collection Prize and the inaugural Polari Prize. In their session, Mary Jean and Andrew jointly discussed their editorship of the 100 Queer Poems anthology.

Leo Boix, an Argentine-British poet, translator and journalist and winner of the Bart Wolffe Poetry Prize Award and the Keats-Shelley Prize for Poetry gave the pair an overview of the history of Queer poetry in Latin America. Finally the poet, translator and scholar of modern Japanese literature Jeffrey Angles, who won the Yomiuri Prize for Literature, discussed the practice and theory of translation queerness.

QDR Videos

You can watch videos about the Queer Digital Residency on the PTC's YouTube page. Paula Galindez made a video about translating Jackie Kay, focusing on the tricky question of finding a variety of Spanish that would capture the use of Scots in Kay's poetry. Jon Herring made a single-take video of a walk to the edge of the ocean that serves as a metaphor for the translation process and ends with a reading of one of Osvaldo Bossi's poems.

There is also a video from Osvaldo Bossi, discussing what it is like to be translated and thinking about the variety of Queer experience in the UK and Latin America. Finally, Bern Roche Farrelly, who managed the project for the PTC, reflects on queerness and translation, and the visibility of translators.

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As part of the Queer Digital Residency both of our resident translators Joh Herring and Paula Galindez recorded interviews about translation and thier experience on the residency.

In the first installment the PTC's Partisipation Producer Bern Roche Farrelly and Jon Herring have a wide ranging conversation about getting started in translation, the interplay between linguistics and transition and , of course, a discussion of queer readings of DC superhero. Who else remembers Chris O'Donnell's Robin?

QDR Podcast Pt 1: Translation and the Queer Super Hero

Final Events

To mark the culmination of the residency programme there were two in-person events held in March 2023, one in London and one in Buenos Aires. The London event was held at the Triangle LGBQ+ Culture Centre in Deptford and featured Jon Herring and Paula Galindez reading their translations and discussing the translation process with poet and translator Leo Boix.

In Buenos Aires, Jon Herring and Paula Galindez appeared at the Universidad de San Andrés for a live event called Una Promesa Longa, featuring Osvaldo Bossi and chaired by Inés Kreplak, professor and author of Confluencia (2017) and La ilusión de la larga noche (2021).