The Mountain of Your Body is a Strange Poem

I shall merge in you
Bulge out from under your loin as Tahmineh
Not in this sorrowful plain
Right in the middle of the mountain of your body
Amidst the grandeur of rocks and the wolves hidden in your mouth
I shall merge in you
Blush my face as fire
Not in this silent field
Amidst the chaos of clouds
Amidst the strange shapes of memories
Amidst my own eagerness to this many variations of yours
I shall merge in you
I shall turn into passion into feast
I shall get drunk and filled with light
Not in the threshold of a door wide open
Between panes of a narrow window
Between the crowd of you on my side
Between the blasphemy of your figure
Between that flicker of light left in your arms
I shall merge in you
Become legend
Me drunk and you insane
I shall rise
Who will take us home? Shall pour from my dress
Red, white, black and a little purple
It shall be my destiny
In you when I merge

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