On these pages you can find reviews of our translations and events; interviews with our poets and translators; blog posts; and a selection of fascinating essays on translation by some of the UK’s best known poets and translators.



Finding a home in translation

Kostya Tsolákis recently gave a workshop on translating LGBTQ poetry at the Poetry in Aldeburgh festival. Read about his journey from workshop attendee to facilitator.

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Interview with Mary Jean Chan

The PTC has established a new advisory board. As part of a new series of interviews, our commissioning editor, Edward Doegar, met up with the poet Mary Jean Chan at the British Library.

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What is a ‘Poetry Transcription Pizza Party’?

In June the PTC teamed up with The Birkbeck College Applied Linguistics Society to run our first ever Poetry Transcription Pizza Party, a fun workshop were volunteers used their language skills to help battle the anglophone cultural bias on the internet.

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